Junior Product Designer

Design Team

  • Our design team is composed of two product designers, a graphic designer and their lead.
  • We are involved in many subjects of the company, in a relationship with most of the services.
  • Our current two main scopes are to work on a marketing campaign and brand identity plus the product with consistency between those 2 scopes (Our design System help us to do that).
  • Our goal is to spread the message to our prospect, solve user problems and fit user needs to provide the best user experience.
  • We have a perfect environment to test and try things to learn.



  • Abstract and Sketch
  • MacBook Pro
  • Design System in progress
  • Continuous improvement of the design workflow
  • Mission Statement


In collaboration with other Designers, Product Managers, Front-end Engineers and other stakeholders, your main mission will be to improve Weekendesk product:


- Learn from qualitative feedback and quantitative data to understand user problems, needs and motivations.


- Collaborate with Product Managers, Data Scientists and Engineers to define what personalised and customised experience should be on Zalando. You’ll inspire with your ability to create a vision and create a story.


- Your design abilities allow you to create, based on our Design System, low and/or high fidelity to enhance web and mobile Weekendesk experience.


- You will work closely with front-end developers to get your designs well implemented to assure quality


Required profile

  • Experienced: you have already worked on product at least 2 years and willing to work on a product that lives, evolves and not just a static website. Also contributed to the implementation of a Design System or you are dying for it. By the way, you use one or more of the new generation design tools daily: Sketch, Adobe XD or Figma.
  • Ability to Manage a UX to UI Project: Conduct an Ideation Workshop with Product Managers to provide design assets to developers, while taking into account UX methodologies.
  • Team spirit: like developers, as a designer, you like to work with your peers to ensure the best user experience across the brand. Willing to learn, enhance and also share your knowledge.
  • Organised and autonomous: Whether in your files or in your documentation, even if your mind is going 100 miles an hour or loves associations of ideas, you are able to synthesise information. You are able to integrate an existing process and propose improvements.
  • Humility and perseverance: You know how to welcome feedback without taking it personally and transform it into something constructive, while having convictions that you are able to present and argue with facts.
  • English: It’s our main language. Don't panic if you don't speak Shakespeare's language perfectly, you will have the opportunity to improve by practising. The prerequisites are to feel that you are at ease to understand and to be understood.


Even if you think you don't match 100% of the required profile, feel free to apply.

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