Weekendesk is the European leader for packaged short-break travel!

Our mission: Provide our clients with great deals & inspiration to get them to leave their couch during the weekend!

Who are we?

Our sucess story starts with a single word: Weekend!

In 2008 we created a business which consisted in improving this important part of our daily lives by making each of them an unforgettable experience. Time has passed since then and the ambition now is to spread our dream all across Europe by becoming the leader of short thematic trips.

We are present in 5 countries (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands) and provide more than 10.000 packages online including hotel breaks + activities (spa, dinner, theme parks, wine tasting, tours & visits…). More than 40 000 customers already book every month with Weekendesk, but we are nevertheless still growing at a fast pace, and ambition to double our size in the next 2 years.

Our positioning: get our customers to get out of their sofa during the weekend by providing them with great ideas as to where to go and what to do, and by providing them with great packaged offers covering all types of activities.

Weekendesk today? It’ s more than 150 people and 10 nationalities dispatched between Paris and Barcelona in wonderful and (very) lively offices!


Our values

Team spirit

We value connectivity, multiculturalism and discussions. We think we are better all together than alone

Client oriented

We care about each other as we care about our customer, no matter what it takes, client is always right and his satisfaction is our aim


We believe in our business as we believe in our team. We hire people fully dedicated to their work, tremendously enthusiastic about travel!


Join a young and dynamic team devoted to the same purpose: 

grant the best experience to our users!


Open positions




HR - Finance

Customer care



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