Weekendesk is the leading online travel agency for fully packaged short breaks across Europe. Our packages are designed around our customer’s interests (gastronomy, relaxation, adventure, etc.) with a focus on destinations 2h from home.

You will join a young and determined Product Team whose mission is to revamp the full customer experience.


The position

As a Product Manager, you will be in charge of the search squad working closely with developers, product designers, and data analysts to help our customers find the best package for them in the fastest way. You’ll have to deal with many parameters like availability, thematics, prices, length of stay… to combine them and have the most efficient search on the market.

As the SEO reference of the company, you’ll put this decisive topic in the centre of the table to help the squads support the company strategy. You’ll work closely with the Marketing Team and the other Product Managers to develop the best methodology to address the SEO needs with efficiency. You’ll be in charge of identifying, evaluating and prioritizing the projects and spread them in the different squads. You’ll help the other product managers to design, execute and report on SEO experiments.

You will handle all the regular PM activities (understanding of business and technical needs, roadmap creation, delivery management, etc.) in an autonomous way working on a day-to-day basis with your squad. You’ll be fully responsible for your scope and you’ll act as a decision-maker from the product discovery phase to the delivery in production. You’ll be your own roadmap based on the company’s OKRs.

You’ll enjoy a set of tools that will help you understand our customers’ behaviour on the website, deploy experiments and analyze the results with a clear goal: make people enjoy short breaks anytime in the year.


What we are looking for:

  • 2 years of experience as a B2C product manager, working closely with other profiles (dev/design/data). Experience in the tourism industry is a plus.
  • SEO expertise: you’ll follow the performances of our website and define the improvements. You’ll train your colleagues to put SEO constraints in everyone’s mind.
  • Technical appealing, you’ll need to be able to understand the search engine mechanism.
  • Startup spirit, hands-on, problem solver, pro-active & autonomous!
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