Java Developer

Java Software Engineer

Weekendesk was created in 2008 and financially sustained by Otium Capital, which is currently the European leader in the sale of short-stay and thematic weekends.

We are present in over 5 different countries and two offices in Paris and Barcelona.

We generate over 85M€ BV selling 15,000 different packages made of Hotel Room Stay and Activities.


Your mission:

You will be part of the IT & Product hub based in Barcelona, with the objective of exponentially increasing our supply and better distribute our products across various channels.


In details you can expect to:

·        Acquire functional knowledge of the e-travel field.

·        Build new features/products around supply and distribution of our main products via APIs.

·        Resilient and scalable real-time integration with third-party APIs.



·        Channel Managers.

·        Aggregators.

·        Activity providers.

·        Content.

·        Transportation.



·        Metasearchers.

·        Google.

·        Third-party distributors.

·        Build tools capable of reliable real-time auditing, monitoring and analytics capabilities.

·        Collaborate with other teams for transverse projects.


Technical Environment

·        From java 8 to 15 (in short time 17).

·        Spring / Spring Boot.

·        Microservices architecture.

·        REST APIs.

·        Continuous delivery.

·        Development best practices used: Pair programming, code review, TDD.

·        MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch.

·        AWS, Docker, Kubernetes.

·        Other tools: Maven3, Jenkins2, git, GitHub, Spinnaker.


What we are looking for:

·        Significant working experience in a Java Web environment (preferably using Agile methodologies).

·        Previous working experience in years (3+).

·        Passionate for development and web technologies.

·        A team-player who favours the group vs the individual achievement.

·        Fluent in English.

·        Working experience within the e-commerce/travel industry is a plus.


Why joining Weekendesk?

·        To be the first customer to put the hands-on new features we build.

·        To be challenged every day and test your limits in a very dynamic and ever-changing environment.

·        To be part of the driving force behind the growth of a dynamic company with start-up spirit within a motivated team.

·        To have fun at your workplace and meet people from many different nationalities.



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